Shianne had a tonsillectomy only a couple of days before this interview, she tired to speak clearly, and she didn't complain about the pain.

"I like to make things, anything, really."

She wanted us to know that she loves crafts, "crocheting, having fun with coloring, just going out and having fun with my friends."

And she loves school, "any subject. I'm a school person I usually study a lot. I study more than other kids.  Kind of ashamed of it."  "No don't be ashamed"

When she is older Shianne hopes to be a police officer or a lawyer.  She wants to be able to help people.

"Because I had a really horrible past, and I want to help other people with their horrible past."  

Shianne has a  positive attitude, " I just put one hand on another person and say do whatever you can to make yourself happy.  What mine is, is just be happy with what you have now." 

Her dream of a forever family is to simply be loved.

"Mine would be a family that wouldn't abuse me that would say I love you and mean it and take care of me."

Shianne has overcome great odds.  An encouraging, loving family will help her become a successful, well adjusted adult.