The game college football fans have been waiting for is finally here. The College Football National Championship will take place in Atlanta beginning at 8:00 pm Monday night. Georgia and Alabama have put in long hours preparing for this match-up, but only one team will come out victorious. Georgia and Alabama players have put in long hours preparing for this match-up. President Trump will also be in attendance at the game.

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12:12am - Alabama scores a touchdown to win the College Football Playoff National Championship. The final score is 26-23.

12:08am - Georgia takes a 3 point lead in overtime. 

12:00am - Alabama misses a field goal, sending the game into overtime.

11:45pm - Alabama scores a touchdown.  The game is now tied at 20-20.

11:27pm - Alabama scores a field goal on the fourth down. UGA leads Bama 20-13 in the fourth quarter.

11:09pm - The fourth quarter is underway UGA in control of the ball. UGA leads Bama 20-10.

11:06pm - The third quarter ends with UGA leading Bama 20-10.

10:57pm - Alabama scores a field goal! UGA still leads the Crimson Tide 20-10 in the third quarter.

10:42pm - Touchdown Dawgs! UGA building its lead over Alabama 20-7 in the third quarter. 

10:35pm - Touchdown Crimson Tide! Alabama finally makes the scoreboard in the third quarter. UGA leads the game 13-7.

10:26pm - UGA now in control of the ball with 12 minutes left in the third quarter.

10:16pm - The third quarter is underway with Alabama in control of the ball. UGA leads Bama 13-0.

9:52pm - UGA leads Alabama 13-0 at the half.

9:50pm - UGA scores the first touchdown of the game, just seconds before halftime! UGA leads Bama 13-0.

9:30pm - UGA scores a 27-yard field goal in the second quarter. UGA leads Alabama 6-0.

9:02pm - UGA first on the scoreboard with a field goal. UGA leads Alabama 3-0 in the second quarter.

9:01pm - The second quarter is underway with UGA in possession of the ball.

8:58pm - The first quarter of the game is over with both teams scoreless.

8:40pm - Both teams are scoreless in the first quarter.

8:15pm - UGA gets the ball first. It's kickoff time.

6:00pm - Air Force One lands in Atlanta. President Trump spoke in Nashville earlier Monday before flying to Georgia for the game.

5:00pm - Gates open at Mercedes Benz Stadium for fans to enter. 

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