Daffodil Colorfest is in full swing at Gibbs Gardens. A showcase decades in the making.

"We started planting daffodils in 1980 with ten thousand daffodils,” explained Jim Gibbs, founder of Gibbs Gardens. “Every year we would double the number to twenty thousand to forty thousand and we finally got to 270 thousand and I said, that's all we can do in one year.”

Those perennial daffodil divide themselves year after year. When Gibbs Garden opened in 2012, there were an estimated 20 million daffodils on site.

"All the daffodils at Gibbs Gardens are perennial or naturalizing daffodils,” said Gibbs. “So wherever you go you're gonna see 50 acres of hills and dales of daffodils."

There are two hundred and twenty acres of landscaped gardens there, with each of the sixteen gardens on site, blooming throughout various points in the year. From the wildflower meadows and waterlily ponds to the rose and Japanese gardens, hours can be spent walking the well-maintained paths. There are tram rides available for anyone with mobility issues.

"So many families come,” said Gibbs. “Couples will bring their children or they'll even bring their mothers and their fathers. It's a great family outing to come to Gibbs Gardens."

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