The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football roster grew by one on Wednesday. Their newest player he fits every characteristic that head coach Tom Arth recruits.

Arth said to his latest recruit in his office, "I think you're going to find that these players are going to welcome you with open arms."

Courage, resiliency, toughness, mental fortitude, you name it, he's got it, but here's the catch, he's just 15-years-old.

He's Ben Foster and he knows how to make an entrance. Ben arrived to the University Center to a standing ovation.

Ben's a Fort Oglethorpe native and he's been diagnosed with Neuromuscular Disorder. It causes chronic inflammation and pain.

Thanks to the national non profit team impact, Foster was a officially a Moc. He'll have an all access pass to basically anything UTC Football related..

Chattanooga Quarterback Nick Tiano said, "we're sitting here talking about dinner next week. I know Ben likes to fish, I'm not much of a fisherman but I'd love to let him show me some things. If we're doing something Ben's welcome to come."

Whether Ben knows it or not, he's already showing the Mocs triumph over adversity, a lesson to last long after they hang up their cleats.

Arth said, "the challenges that we face everyday pale in comparison to what Ben deals with everyday of his life. His resiliency, his toughness, his courage. All the things we talk to our team about on a daily basis, they're gonna see that in a living example."