Located on the side of Lookout Mountain, just about 10 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, Treetop Hideaways offers a unique opportunity for overnight excursions.

 "My wife and I had this idea to build some treehouses,” explained Enoch Elwell. “We wanted a place where we could get out and escape the world a little bit and enjoy the woods. But we also wanted to have all of those nice things that are all kind of...that you miss when you go out and camp in the mosquitos. So we decided to build these treehouses that combine the best of both."

There are currently two treehouses on the property. Enoch says there are plans to expand and build more in the future. The original treehouse, Luna Loft, is rich with history both inside and out.

"Most of the wood you see on the outside in wood from an 1860's barn in North Georgia,” says Elwell. “And then the floor to ceiling windows that give you a view of the valley below are from an old industrial building from downtown. And we have almost a dozen local businesses represented in the treehouse."

The Elements Treehouse is the most recent addition to Treetop’s property. It sleeps four guests and has maybe one of the most luxurious bathrooms you’ve ever seen in a treehouse. It boasts five shower heads and a digital temperature control. There’s also a glassed-in tree that grows right through the shower with a skylight above you. 

Both treehouses are regulated with central heat and air, indoor plumbing, WiFi and many other up-to-date conveniences. The property, against Lookout Mountain, offers hiking opportunities for all ages.

"It was just the most wonderful thing to see kids jump from rock to rock along the stream, up the waterfall and exploring the forest together,” says Elwell. “Families just connecting together over this wilderness adventure...and the parent of course just relishing in the fact that they've got this nice place to relax with a complimentary bottle of wine to enjoy."

Treetop Hideaways is open to the public once a month for community gatherings. For that schedule and more information on accommodation rentals, click here.