UPDATE: Friends and family are remembering the man who died while boating on the Chickamauga Lake. Bobby Stone owned a video production company, and was active in the city's social and philanthropic community.

The TWRA said he slipped and fell into the water Saturday. The next day his body was recovered in the Hidden Harbor area of the water.

Bobby Stone was a partner and co-founder of the video production company Atomic Films. Friends are remembering a man they call a creative genius, who seemed to know everyone.

People across Chattanooga are remembering their friend, Bobby Stone.

“Good spirit in nature, he was a wonderful man,” said O. J. Morgan Head of School at The Bright School.

“Very laid back, always willing to help others,” said Keith Sanford the President and CEO of The Tennessee Aquarium.  

Stone was known for his creative eye, and behind the scenes work, offering his time and talents for charitable causes across the city. “You'll miss him if you know those organizations that he is not there to help support. You're going to miss a guy who was really good at helping people get together and do stuff for others.”

Stone was a frequent visitor at The Bright School in Chattanooga. He created videos and help engage the students about new technology. “He brought his drone and demonstrated to the kids how the drone worked and showed them on his laptop the pictures it could take. It was fascinating to them,” said Morgan.  

The news of his death was heart breaking for both Keith Sanford and O.J. Morgan. They knew Stone for over three decades. In addition to his creative efforts and generous spirit, they said friends will always remember Stone for his larger than life personality. “I think the more you got to know him, the more you saw he was just a fun kind human being.”

“His sense of adventure, and volunteer spirit. He was a big cheerleader,” said Sanford.

The TWRA is waiting for a medical examiner's report for the cause of death.

Memorial arrangements will be announced later.













The name of the man who fell off a boat on Chickamauga Lake Saturday has been released.

Bobby Stone, 57, of Chattanooga slipped and fell into the water, a TWRA news release said. Witnesses on scene said Stone never resurfaced. Sunday morning, crews recovered his body.

It was an emotional day as Stone's friends and family gathered at Hidden Harbor after learning the body of their loved one was found.

They did not want to speak with Channel 3 on camera.

It took several agencies nearly 10 hours to locate Stone's body.

"They're tough on all of us," TWRA Boating Investigator Matt Majors said. "They're tough on rescuers; they're tough on the officers; they're tough on families. We're thankful when they can find a speedy recovery because the truth is we want to bring closure as quickly as possible to these families and allow them to move on with the grieving process."

The TWRA said Stone was walking from one boat to another when he slipped and fell, hit his head and fell into the water. He was not wearing a life jacket and did not resurface.

Friends on the boat called authorities for help.

"There happened to be some rescue boats in the area as well as wildlife officers that responded to the scene," Majors added.

After an unsuccessful search Saturday night, crews returned Sunday morning to the area where Stone was last seen. They used two remote operated underwater vehicles and were able to find him in minutes, just yards from the boat.

"We had the same equipment they used yesterday," Majors said. "We tried a little bit different spot on the other side of the boat and were able to locate him very quickly."

Bobby Stone is a well-known name in Chattanooga.

Stone was president of Atomic Films here in the Scenic City for more than two decades. He is also the ex-husband of Lacie Stone, former senior advisor to Chattanooga Mayor Berke.