The hottest app among pre-teens is changing its name. is now TikTok, which is the hottest social media app in China.

We first told you about earlier this week after we found dozens of youngsters who appear to be 10 years old and younger, performing lip sync and dance videos featuring sexually explicit musical lyrics and suggestive dances. claims to have over 100 million active users while TikTok has been downloaded over 300 million times. Together TikTok/ has more active users than Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

While it is true that mostly features teenagers who make silly and fun 15-second videos where they lip sync and perform challenges, parent groups have expressed concern for the suggestive videos that can be discovered by searching for certain hashtags such as #ultralowpants where young girls wear their shorts, skirts or pants below their hips while belly dancing while young men share videos with explicit moves imitating sex movements. users will see their app change to TikTok the next time they update the app.