The success of the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy charter school has led to a "brother school," so to speak. The all-boys school, Chattanooga Preparatory school opened this week, next to the girls school, with a class of 60 sixth graders and a lot of high hopes.

It's all business, from the boys' attire to the attitude in the classroom. This comes as no surprise to anyone who applied to be in the class of 2025.  A longtime dream for founders Ted and Kelly Alling, the school includes a staff facing a challenge: many of the students are behind their grade level in reading and math. Educators say their goal is immediate academic growth.

The school is poised for other types of growth too. "Chattanooga Prep" will add a class each year, and will be a grades 6-12 charter school by the time the boys graduate in 2025. 

Classes are being held in temporary quarters while an adjacent building on the old Tennessee Temple University campus is being prepared for use in the coming weeks. Each student has a male mentor, and is being groomed for leadership. Parental involvement is a requirement for admission.

The boys are getting early exposure to college campuses so they can begin setting goals early. It's a school with a purpose, and the students have bought in.

Dr. Elaine Swafford is the executive director of both CGLA and Chattanooga Prep, and she expects to duplicate the success of the girls school, which has been recognized as a Rewards School by the state of Tennessee.