When you think of Airbnb, you think 'renting a room or house'. But if you've never downloaded the app, you're missing what may be the coolest part of Airbnb.

Within the Airbnb app is a tab called 'Experiences,' that finds all sorts of things to do. Not the typical touristy things, but experiences from real people who'll treat you to some activities you might never discover.

Just pick your destination and dates. This could be somewhere you're visiting or in your city.

Let's look at Nashville.

Choose from experiences in entertainment, classes and workshops and social impact where you can take a music lesson where you'll write
your own song. It's hosted by a non-profit and costs $20 a person.

Like every city, you can take a photo tour where a professional photographer will take your pictures around town. This one is $35. You can meet the host, read reviews and schedule your experience right through the app.

This is how I discovered an Instagram photo tour on Melrose Place in Hollywood. An aspiring actress, Callie Cantrell, took photos with her camera, then shared them with members of the class.

A great number of people are making a decent living offering similar tours and workshops. Sharing what they know and what they do, with people
who want an experience, rather than something touristy.

Even if you're one of those people who would NEVER rent a room in someone's house with Airbnb, this part of the app may be just the ticket for your next vacation or a weekend when you think there's nothing to do around town.