Google introduced a new security device Thursday aimed to make it easy for users to log into their accounts on shared computers.

The Titan Security Key uses 2-factor verification and a person's fingerprint to login securely to many services online including Google, Dropbox and Facebook. The key is similar to the Yubikey which has been on the market for a few years now.

Both of these devices are registered to the owner when they log into their Google accounts. Rather than needing to wait on a security code to be sent to their phone when they log into a computer they haven't used before, a user will insert the Yubikey or Google Titan Security Key and tap it with their finger. The key will generate a one-time password of about 20 characters which will securely log into their accounts. Using biometrics as sign-ins is much more secure than using even strong passwords.

The Google Titan Security Key is on sale for $50 in the Google Store but as of Thursday afternoon, it was already sold out and Google is accepting names and purchases on a waiting list. The Yubikey is also $50 and is available at many online retailers including Amazon.

The Yubikey also works with Dropbox, Facebook, Microsoft and Firefox and will unlock accounts when logging on from a mobile device by tapping the key on the back of the phone.