This week, Misty Simmons called in to give her 3 cents concerning adoption and medical records. She wanted to know why medical records couldn’t be attached to an adopted child's records, and those records follow them throughout their lives.

Misty, I couldn’t agree more!

For you and your kids, that information is crucial. I reached out to Chattanooga adoption attorney Mike Jennings, and he said that since 1996 some medical histories of adoptees and their parents has been collected and kept on file in Nashville by the department of child services. And according to Tennessee law that information, as long as it is non-identifying, is available on request without need or reason. A couple of things to know, though. The laws are state dependent, and the records may not be complete.

If you want to request the medical records or contact your birth parents to try and find out more about your medical history… it’s all done through the Nashville post-adoption unit of the department of child services. Here is the phone number to get you started - 615-532-5637.

And that’s my 3 cents.

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