Ninety percent of Americans are spending more than they earn each month, thinking very little about saving for retirement.

Technology can help. Several websites and apps will help anyone save money without changing spending habits.

Dyme is an iPhone only app that uses text messages to encourage users to put money away. By linking a checking and savings account to the service, users will receive text messages encouraging them to save a little bit each week.

Dyme will send a text message that says something like, "how about putting away $5 for your New York City trip." By replying to the text "save 5," the app will take $5 from the users checking account and put it into their savings account.

Mint monitors spending through an app and a website. Linking checking, savings and investments to Mint, the service constantly updates the user on where their money is going and keeps track of spending and budgets.

Mint will also recommend ways to save money by comparing credit card offers and will notify the user if a bill is due. By opening the app or visiting the Mint website, the user instantly knows how much money is in each account.

Acorns is a unique investment app that sets aside leftover change from purchases. If the user purchases something for $5.11, Acorn will round up the purchase to the next dollar and invest the difference in a mutual fund. It also tracks the investment.

None of these apps promise to make you rich, but they will help put some money aside without changing spending habits.