Have you ever sat down at a computer and didn't know what website to visit, or didn't know what you wanted to watch, but just knew you wanted to see something? Maybe you thought: "I've reached the end of the internet."

Guess what? You didn't and what's out there is beautiful.

I stumbled on the website www.astronaut.io the other day and let me tell you, it is one of the greatest time wasters in the world.

Astronaut.io curates the YouTube videos that no one has ever seen before. Quite literally in fact. The site streams videos it finds from YouTube with zero to just a few views. The videos have no description and all have generic names like IMG_78. Videos uploaded for whatever reason by random people around the world.

In a matter of a few minutes I watched video of a tram ride through Dubai, a water rafting trip, a ride in the back of a truck from what appears to be in Africa or South America, a youth wrestling match and of a woman wearing a pig nose laughing at a bunch of pigs. For most of these videos YouTube showed that I was the first person who'd ever seen the video. There's something intriguing about that, right?

The creators describe the website on its homepage as:

"Today, you are an Astronaut. You are floating in inner space 100 miles above the surface of Earth. You peer through your window and this is what you see. You are people watching. These are fleeting moments."

And you do feel like you are sneaking a peak into humanity.

The videos are random but have been been uploaded in the previous week or so. The stream plays each video for about 10 seconds before transitioning to the next one. If you see one you'd like to watch a little more, just click on a round button at the bottom of the page to stay with it, or click on the YouTube logo to go to the video there.

Don't just sit at the computer scrolling through the same Facebook feeds and trolling the latest viral videos on YouTube. I found Astronaut.io to be an entertaining way to spend some time.