Nestled at the base of Walden’s ridge in northern Hamilton County, Old McDonald Farm has been home to the McDonald family since 1821.

 "Over the years it's been the site of numerous family gatherings, family reunions, picnics, gatherings for churches and other local groups,” explains Clay McDonald. “And now seeing more people come up and enjoy it is just so much fun for us."

For the first time, the McDonalds are opening their farm to the public on the weekend and during special farm days during the week.

"Kids who grow up in the city or suburbs, they often times don't get to come out to big open fields, see farm animals, see where produce is grown,” explains Clay. “So coming up to see where the land opens up, they can get their knees a little skinned up and get some dirt on their shoes...I think that's great for kids."

The farm has also seen many changes over the years, from James McDonald’s small tract on Sale Creek, to a diverse operation now comprising nearly 1,700 acres. Each Fall the McDonald family welcomes visitors to the farm for a variety of fall activities, from picking a pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch, finding one’s way through a corn maze, petting our baby farm animals, taking a hay ride, and more.


It’s all designed to entertain kids in hopes to educate them and allow them to gain an appreciation for farm families across the country that provide life’s necessities for the rest of America.

"I hope they go home with a sense of how important farming is and how important farms are to the fabric of our society. Everything that they eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner has to come from a farm somewhere. One maybe not to dissimilar from this one. They can see what it really looks like and what the animals are like and have some warm memories of their visit."