Millions of dollars in damages remain in Soddy-Daisy because of heavy flooding, and the city manager says it will be that way for a while without federal funding.

“I don't know if we'll ever meet the criteria it's going to take to get federal funding, but like I said we just do the best we can. It will just take us longer without it,” City Manager Janice Cagle said.

About 50 Soddy-Daisy High School volunteers spent the day cleaning up the Soddy-Daisy park and ball fields. It's just one of the areas hit by severe flooding about two weeks ago. Cagle said they're relying on volunteer work to help rebuild.

“Us being able to help out the community really brings us together, and it shows that we love this community and we just want to help in every way possible,” senior Dylan DeLorenzo said.

For hours, students shoveled and raked away the evidence recent flooding left behind.

“You can see that this entire area was under water. You can see where all the debris has washed up to the fences and just that your life could be ruined if you're in the wrong place,” JROTC Senior Army Instructor Major Eric Redlin said.

Many of the students said they've never witnessed flooding damage, and knowing neighbors who were impacted by the flooding hit home.
“I know families who were down here and affected by it. It's really saddening because you never expect it,” senior Isaiah Marshall told Channel 3.

As city officials continue to file and submit paperwork to the government, residents are doing what they do best, sticking together.

“It makes the community better. These kids will come back to this park later and say hey I remember cleaning this up, and for years they'll remember doing it, and they'll feel like they're a part of it,” Major Redlin added.

If you were impacted by flooding and need help rebuilding, call city hall at (423) 332-5323.