"Hello, my name is Dallas in Dalton, Georgia.  I’m calling about a restaurant in Eton, Georgia.  It’s El Pueblito.  It’s a Mexican restaurant in a little shopping center, and it is roach infested.  I sit down to eat dinner the other day before I realized the roach problem.  There were roaches crawling on the back of the booth I was sitting on, and then when my soup got there was a roach in the soup.  I mean it’s disgusting.  Something needs to be done."

Dallas, I used to work in restaurants, and while you might run across the occasional varmint when they make it out where the customers are like you described, that’s another serious level.  And we took it seriously.  I called the Murray County Health Department, and in the most recent inspection in May there was no sign of roaches at the El Pueblito in Eton.  However, after our phone call, Murray County Environmental Health visited El Pueblito again and discovered the infestation. 

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Jennifer King with the GA Department of Public Health told me the Murray County Environmental Health manager: 

Requested El Pueblito to close until the roach problem was resolved. Equipment was pulled out of the restaurant and a pest control company treated the facility while the environmental health manager was present. The environmental health manager determined that the treatment was effective and reported that the restaurant is now on a 2 time per month treatment schedule. El Pueblito will be allowed to reopen after they have thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled the equipment, which should be within the next few days.”

El Pueblito is a chain with several locations across north Georgia.  In fairness, the one in Eton has 4.2 out of 5 stars in Google reviews, with most of the comments being better than average.

So, Dallas, let them reopen, give them another try, and certainly let me know how it goes.

If anyone has a similar issue with a restaurant, call your county's health department and they should look into it for you.

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