A man on TBI’s Most Wanted List slipped through the cracks after he was taken to the hospital and somehow got away.

Edgar Torres-Rangel is wanted for homicide after he allegedly hit and killed 29-year-old Keri King in a drunk driving crash in October.

He was airlifted from Shelbyville to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and even after a warrant was issued for his arrest by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, he got out.

THP and VUMC say protocol on both their parts was followed. Their statements are below:

“As a health system our responsibility is to care for patients needing our services despite the circumstances prior to their admission. In instances where someone may have committed a criminal act we do not assume legal custody of offenders. This is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies who have jurisdiction to place or hold individuals under arrest, even in the hospital setting. By now, most area law enforcement agencies are aware that as a health care provider VUMC does not hold patients under arrest and understand that they bear the responsibility for offender custody. We do our best to work collaboratively with local and state agencies on these matters but the ultimate responsibility for legal custody resides with the arresting agency." 

- John Howser, Chief Communications Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

There is not an internal investigation being conducted. The trooper did not violate any policy or laws. After the crash, Mr. Torres-Rangel was life flighted from Bedford County to Vanderbilt. Due to the nature of the injuries he could not be physically taken into custody.

Immediately, THP was in consultation with the District Attorney to determine the scope of charges. The warrants for vehicular homicide, DUI and driving on a suspended license were sent to Vanderbilt on October 22. This was prior to Mr. Torres-Rangel being released from the hospital.

Again, THP operated within the scope of the law and would have taken Torres-Rangel into custody had we been notified of his release.

We have Mr. Torres-Rangel added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation top 10. Together the THP and TBI have a reward posted requesting information that will lead to apprehension of Mr. Torres-Rangel. Our Criminal Investigations Unit is working tirelessly with numerous local and state agencies to locate Mr. Torres-Rangel.

- Tennessee Highway Patrol

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