Forever Family is all about changing lives. We want to give you the opportunity to completely change the outcome of a child's life and of course at the same time change yours.

This adoptable child will bring much love to a family.

"This is me and my friend eating dinner."

14 year old Chris DeAngelo shared his pictures and stories from camp.

"You've got a great smile... Look at you!"

Each one brought back a good memory...

" We're saying a prayer right there I got my hand up and the other hand is on the ketchup bottle, squeezing it. ( Laughs...)"

The young teen has been in foster care for quite awhile and would like nothing more than to be part of a Forever Family. Chris would thrive in a home with older siblings and he knows what he'd like his parents to be... Some nice people.

Chris likes school, loves video games and playing sports and wants to be a mechanic when he grows up... In the meantime he'd like to keep on smiling.

" Are you kissing that fish?"

" No I had caught that fish and had it by my mouth."

"What about this?"

" I was on that horse and I had went to the gate and stepped in and I fell off it."