CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Chris is very bright and technically-oriented teen. He started learning with his toys.

"I used to take apart electrical toys try to figure the out how they work and put them back together," said Chris.

Those who know him well say Chris has a good sense of humor and is a joy to be around. He enjoys one-on-one time with adults but also like to spend time alone reading or playing on the computer.

Chris likes the sound of a Forever Family, and one word comes to mind to describe what he'd want in parents:

"Care, for them to care about me and all that," said Chris.

And he's okay with the idea of brothers or sisters and wants to please.

"I'll be good if I did have one," said Chris. "It would be somebody to teach. That would be nice."

Chris can put almost anything together but only a special family will have the ability to put him in a nurturing home.

If you can give that to Chris, call the Department of Children's Services.